September 16, 2014: Day 2 – If I Were a Dinosaur, Which Dinosaur Would I be? (40 Days of Writing Challenge)


The first dinosaur I thought of was a pterodactyl because I tried to sew a stuffed one in grade seven (more on that later I assure you). Then I thought of the episode of Doctor Who “Dinosaurs in Space”. So you get an idea of how my brain works, I pondered and pondered, and then just as I was about to begin this blog post I remembered something. There are actually two episodes of Doctor Who where pterodactyls are found. What a wonderful combination of past and present right?!!! Also, I am hoping that by the end of this writing journey I will be able to spell the dinosaur’s name by instinct instead of looking above… here’s hoping.
pterodactyl3Okay, so back to childhood. For some reason, at age twelve, I thought it would be a good idea to try sewing a stuffed pterodactyl. It looked like such a cool creature and it wasn’t the typical teddy bear. Do you think I would go with typical when it came to creativity even at that age? I remember that I picked two colours of fabric that at the time seems pre-historic in nature: brown and gray. Looking back, I’m thinking, “borrinnnnnnnngggggggg!”. Of course, this thought goes against the advice I give many of my friends – you cannot apply today’s maturity to yesterday’s immaturity… so the same applies to the artistic maturity I have now. It doesn’t matter that now I would have chosen two competing patterned materials in opposite colours just to be artistically cheeky. And it wasn’t cute like the yellow one found on etsy. It had holes along different seams from bad sewing and I’m not even sure where it ended up. I suppose the learning experience was that I tried to sew it and it looked like what it was supposed to.

pterodactyl2So the combination of past and present is extra hilarious, to me at least, because the first Doctor Who episode where pterodactyls are found is one where past, present, and future are all combined at the same time in the same environment. There are pterodactyls, flying cars, trains, Winston Churchill is set up as the Holy Roman Emperor, and everything is wibbly wobbly and timey whimey. There are children running through a park trying to feed the dinosaurs sandwiches… hence the sign in the park as seen below. The second episode is “Dinosaurs in Space” but that is just a little too obvious, so I’m not going to explain it. The photo is at the beginning of this post.


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