October 1, 2014: Day 17 – Deep Fried Pickles or Straight From the Jar? (40 Days of Writing Challenge)

I’m going to take an unconventional spin on this post. I’m not going to answer the question but use it as analogy. Sometimes in life, I hear something said and I immediately think, “awesome band name”. Tonight, for example, my friend said in the car on the way to an event, “I smell hot lettuce” and I said, “Hot Lettuce” good band name. The topic of this post, to me, could be an album name for a band, but not for “Hot Lettuce”, that would be cheesy (oh yeah food puns).

The first time I ever had something like this was when I was working at a camp at age eighteen. There was a guy that I really got along with, like having one of those really cool older cousins or something. He told me he had a band name idea, “Righteous Brothers of Harmonious Fists” and just after we were looking around and he suddenly found an album name. The camp had a wooden sign by the fireplace stating, “The Damper is Closed and the Firebox Full”. Eureka! I remember that I took both things and went to drawing him up an actual album cover.
Once I have a band name, I often spend a few minutes thinking about what type of band it would fit and maybe will come up with an album name. Like the first example, “Hot Lettuce”, this could be a punk band or maybe metal possibly. Can’t you imagine two teenagers talking about the band? Teen one, “who do you listen to?” teen two, “Hot Lettuce. Man, they really rock”.
In hindsight, I realize that I have had lots of these moments in life where I have taken the idea just one step further. I cannot seem to leave the moment as the moment. Once the idea gets in my head, I have a hard time not acting on it, especially if it would bring encouragement or is thoughtful. I have needed to learn how to harness my ideas into innovation for work and discerning when to share them out loud or keep them to myself. I would not have labelled myself an ideas person before, but I now see that differently. Imagination doesn’t just need to be for children or when doing art. It gives us the ability to look forward and plan out things. It makes life an adventure. I love having an active imagination. I love seeing where it takes me. I would not have been able to write this post without thinking out of the box a little bit and using my imagination.
For the record, the only thing I can say about pickles in any form is, “Don’t send your teenage daughter to high school smelling like a pickle!” But that is a story for another time.

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